Snow Removal Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve winter operations within the City of Lebanon. Due to budget restraints, we continue to evaluate how winter operations are conducted both now and in the future. Your input is always welcome. 

As you are aware, there was a proposal several years ago to re-align plowing operations and even the discontinuance of sidewalk plowing by the City. That was only a proposal. 

The City has continued to perform winter maintenance operations including sidewalks. However, due to the earlier reductions in manning (personnel reductions) and funding cuts we have to evaluate how this will be done almost daily. Plow routes now take longer to accomplish, low priority streets and sidewalks may remain snow covered longer, and there may even be some areas that would be plowed long after the storm has ended. 

Streets and sidewalks are assigned to routes and have priorities. These priorities are assigned based on the following criteria: For Streets, primary arteries, school bus routes, hills and dangerous corners and intersections. The sidewalks are rated in a similar fashion.

Your input is requested and will be reviewed and considered. Each year we perform an evaluation of snow routes and priorities and plans for upcoming years. 

Please look at your neighborhood. 

Are there sidewalks that could wait until after the storm? 
Are there areas that need extra or additional attention? 

If there are areas of concern, please submit Snow Removal Feedback Form or drop a note addressed to:

Department of Public Works
193 Dartmouth College Highway, 
Lebanon, NH 03766

You can also call the Public Works Office during regular operating hours, Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00pm at 603-448-3112.

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