Winter Operations

Winter weather in New England is difficult to predict. There are many variables affecting winter maintenance operations such as type of precipitation, air and pavement temperature, traffic, wind, time of day and day of week. Winter maintenance is considered an art, not a science.

The City of Lebanon Department of Public Works (DPW) snow removal and ice control plan has been based for many years on the goal of obtaining bare and dry pavements at the earliest practical time following cessation of a storm. It is virtually impossible to provide bare pavement during a winter storm and the DPW does not attempt to do so. Judgment based on experience is essential in conducting and timing remedial work to overcome ice and snow hazards. 

As each storm situation varies, it is important to emphasize that this plan be used as a guideline to assist supervisors in making well informed, judgment decisions in the exercise of their snow removal and ice control responsibilities. [continue reading...]

The following resources will better help you understand winter operations in the City of Lebanon.