Please Clean Up After Lassie, Toto, & Scooby

To our many generations of dog lovers, dog owners, and dog sitters:
While the vast majority of us are highly responsible in cleaning up after those in our care, some are falling short in our duty to clean up the “doody”.

As we here in the City enter the winter season and are concentrating our efforts on fall clean-up, it has come to our attention that a gentle reminder is needed that the use of public lands by our four-legged friends requires that we humans carry and use the instruments needed to keep those lands clean for all to enjoy. This includes our recreation fields, parks, playgrounds, and cemeteries. I think most of us can attest to the fact that a walk in the park is quickly ruined by "doody" on your shoes…

Should you need more information on the requirements to clean it up, please check out Chapter 18, Section 18-12 of the City Code:

Thanks for doing your part to keep our lands enjoyable by all.
Greg is a 1 yr old "all breed" from Mississippi. He is a happy guy who makes us laugh daily. Definitely a big dog n a small body! He loves walking around town and dragging me to the city hall, bank and the Little Store to say hi to everyone and score some treats. People are attracted to Greg because he is so out of proportion, he looks like a cartoon character!  Submit your 2016 Top Dog entry today!
Greg - Lebanon Top Dog 2016