Cemetery Information

The City of Lebanon Public Works department manages the Cemetery Trust Funds and provides cemetery location and genealogy support when requested. The following cemeteries are established as municipal cemeteries: 
  • Glenwood/Mt. Calvary Cemetery
  • Valley/Sacred Heart Cemetery
  • School Street Cemetery (Village Cemetery)
  • West Lebanon Cemetery
  • Old Pine Tree Cemetery 
  • Mascoma Cemetery
  • Cole Cemetery
  • Upper Valley Jewish Community Cemetery
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to common questions. If your issue is not answered below, you may submit a request.

Who do I contact for genealogy research in the Lebanon Cemeteries?
Please send an email to dpw@lebcity.com or call the Public Works Administrative desk at 603-448-3112. 

Will identification signs be made for Lebanon cemeteries as they are in the Town of Plainfield?
We are looking into the suggestion of signage for [Lebanon] cemeteries which will include a review of what the Town of Plainfield has done.

What are the rules and regulations pertaining to cemeteries in the City of Lebanon?
Chapter 46 of the Lebanon City Code outlines the rules and regulations established by the City Council for the proper operation and use of municipal cemeteries in the City of Lebanon.
Old Pine Tree Cemetery
Old Pine Tree Cemetery

Cemetery Rules
Chapter 46, Lebanon Code

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