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Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project - Public Meeting

posted Oct 26, 2015, 6:15 AM by Lebanon NH   [ updated Oct 26, 2015, 8:20 AM ]

A Community Conversation will take place this evening, Monday, October 26th,beginning at 5:30PM at Grafton County Senior Citizen Center, 10 Campbell Street, Lebanon.

The meeting is to provide information on the Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project. Representatives from City Staff along with the City’s Engineering Consultant; Fay, Spofford and Thorndike (FST) will provide an overview of the project and design alternatives. Conceptual roadway layouts will be available for viewing. We are looking for community input concurrence on the City’s preferred alternative.
For more information please visit the Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project pageFor questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 603-448-3112. 
Mechanic Street

Mechanic Street Community Meeting

posted May 22, 2014, 1:38 PM by Lebanon NH

On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 6:00pm, residents are invited to a neighborhood/corridor meeting being held at Lebanon College, (Room 5) 15 Hanover Street, (on The Mall) Lebanon, NH. The meeting is to provide information on the Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project.

Some of you may have attended the introductory meeting held at at the Carter Country Club last September, or walked the construction area during our walkabouts last October. With construction planned to begin late in 2015 or early in 2016, we are undertaking the beginning stages of design. Surveyors have been on the ground gathering additional topographical information and establishing the Right of Way along the streets where the work will occur.

At the meeting on the 27th, we will have representatives from City Staff along with the City’s Engineering Consultant, Fay Spofford and Thorndike (FST) providing a brief overview of the project. Conceptual Roadway Layouts will be available for viewing. This will be an opportunity to review road widths, discuss sidewalks, traffic patterns, drainage issues, intersections, etc. The results of these discussions will help to narrow-down design alternatives along the corridor and at key intersections. Please join us in the conversation and provide us with your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Please keep in mind that we are in the initial stages of design, so there is still a lot of work to be done before finalizing the plans for construction. As you know, Mechanic Street is a major travel route; your input is vital to making this project a success. I encourage you and all of your neighbors to attend. Beyond the residents and businesses located on the corridor, we are inviting and encouraging all residents, and members of City Council to join the conversation, so please spread the word, and we’ll to see you all on the 27th.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me in advance of the above mentioned meeting please contact my office at 603-448-4220. If you have any technical questions please feel free to contact Mike Lavalla, Director of Public Works or Christina Hall, City Engineer at 603-448-3112.

Mechanic Street Traffic Counts

posted Nov 20, 2013, 8:23 AM by Lebanon NH   [ updated Nov 20, 2013, 8:24 AM ]

On Thursday, November 21st between the hours of 7-9am and 4-6pm traffic counts will be taken along all the intersections on Mechanic Street as part of the Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project. Locations are as follows:

Traffic Count Locations
Lebanon, NH

To occur on Thursday November 21st:

Turning Movement Counts (7am-9am and 4pm-6pm)
• Mechanic Street/Mascoma Street/High Street
• Mechanic Street/Blacksmith Road 
• Mechanic Street/Slayton Hill Road 
• Mechanic Street/Terrace View Entrance 
• Mechanic Street/Buckingham Place

Automatic Traffic Recorder (24 hour)
• Mechanic Street (south of Mascoma Street)
• High Street (north of Mascoma Street)
• Blacksmith Road (south of Mechanic Street)
• Slayton Hill Road (north of Mechanic Street)
• Slayton Hill Road (south of Mechanic Street)
• Terrace View Entrance (north of Mechanic Street)
• Buckingham Place (south of Mechanic Street)

Mechanic Street Walkabouts

posted Oct 29, 2013, 6:21 AM by Lebanon NH   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 6:22 AM ]

As part of our continuing commitment to openly communicate with our residents, on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, from 4pm to 6pm; Wednesday, October 30, 2013, from 4pm to 6pm; Monday, November 4, 2013, from 3pm to 5pm; Tuesday, November 5, 2013, from 3pm to 5pm members of City Staff, along with our construction engineers, will be conducting on-street meetings to review the project area with an eye towards the potential impacts to individual properties. 

It is our hope that all property owners/business owners will be able to attend. However, if you are unable to make the walkabout scheduled for your specific address, please contact Mike Lavalla or Christina Hall at the Department of Public Works to schedule an individual meeting, or with any information or questions you may have, at 603-448-3112.

Please view the list of the addresses which will be the focus during each walkabout. For unaddressed properties, please look for you road range. Each walk will begin at the underlined address and will proceed in order. You are welcome to walk the whole area with us, or just come out for your property.
Please know that your input is a vital part of the process as we redevelop these areas of the City. We hope you will join us for these important meetings.

Mechanic Street Community Event

posted Oct 29, 2013, 6:20 AM by Lebanon NH   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 6:24 AM ]

The City will be holding a community event on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm at the Carter Country Club, Mechanic Street, Lebanon to provide information on the City’s Master Plan vision for mixed-use development along Mechanic Street and to gather input on the Mechanic Street Improvement Project.

Recognizing that the Mechanic Street corridor is a major gateway, and that many considerations need to be addressed with regards to access, traffic (volume and patterns), pedestrian and bicycle travel, public transportation, and access to the Mascoma River Greenway, we are asking you to come and share your ideas, concerns, and suggestions for potential improvements. Much work is to be done before finalizing the design of the street, and your input is vital to making this project a success.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 603-448-3112 with any questions.

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